The new generation of social media

In the beginning, there was Facebook. (Although, strictly speaking, in the beginning, there was

Then there was LinkedIn, Flickr, Bebo, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Google+ …

But these are all already grown up social media (at the very least, Tweens, in the case of Google+). LinkedIn is a veritable cardigan wearing Great Grandad by now.

So, here we are, introducing the new generation of social media:

Skinny Scoop

Launched a matter of months ago, Skinny Scoop is aimed at mums and is an online version of the school gates catch up, bringing “the conversation into Pinterest-style recommendations“.

This really is one for the girls; think of it as Pinterest’s baby sister. It’s an amalgamation of the pinboard format of Pinterest (though in Skinny Scoop, you create ‘lists‘), the tips feature of Foursquare and the kind of content and ideas found in ‘mom blogs’.

It’s a recipe book, gift ideas directory and travel guide in one, with the added effect of giving you access to thousands of members’ family secrets and tricks of the trade.

How is it different from Pinterest? No more rifling through naff pictures of kittens pulling odd faces or generic stock photography of beautiful holiday destinations without the accompanying information as to why it’s “list worthy”. That’s the theory anyway.


A little more tricky, this one, to check out, seeing as it’s based mainly in the US at the moment, but mark my words, it won’t stay there for long.

In the same way as Google+ creates a social “layer” on top of everything you already do, such that websites +1’d (endorsed) by people in your circles appear at the top of any normal Google search, Snoox is a social platform whereby users can make choices based on the recommendations of people they know, rather than strangers.

Having been live for only 5 days, the site is already reported to have 10,000 users. We’re looking forward to when it starts to gain traction here in the UK, so get signed up (easily done via Facebook) and start adding your favourite places/things!

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