Rock and roll behind the scenes!

As many of you will know, if you’ve been following our Facebook page or Twitter profile, we are spreading the good word to a wider audience about the talents of unsigned UK rockers, Falling Red, who were handpicked by major 80s US rock band, Steel Panther, to support them on their current UK tour.

Our very own Nick Southall went backstage with them last week as they began the first leg of the tour and the creative in him just couldn’t resist taking a sneaky bit of behind the scenes footage, which we share with you above.

As a hard working, unsupported act, Falling Red are fast becoming of interest to the broader public, not just the music press. You can read all about the trials and tribulations of life on the road with notorious rockers, Steel Panther, in their resident blog column on the Huffington Post.

The music on this video is their latest single We Are Reckless. Reckon we’re all becoming ardent fans here at AatI HQ. What do you think? Feel free to share and educate your friends on how to REALLY rock and indeed roll!


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