#iDemocracy: A snapshot of the future

Two nights ago, All about the Idea joined forces with our colleagues in College Public Policy to host the official launch of Douglas Carswell MP’s new book ‘The end of politics and the birth of iDemocracy’. Boris and Nick were there at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden to do what we do best; sprinkle magic dust and make it all happen.

Here at AatI, we believe that different audiences often have at least one thing in common: The desire to share. And so, it was a live-tweeted event, the screens in the Hospital Club featuring a continuous stream of tweets, with heavyweights like Guido Fawkes and Tom Montgomerie using the hashtag #iDemocracy and MPs including Zac Goldsmith and Dr Sarah Wollaston tweeting and re-tweeting.

Far from being just crusty cronies in suits, the glamorous Jemima Khan was also in attendance. Carswell himself, known as a political maverick, declared that “Britain has a great history of dissenters and rebel voices. It’s a characteristic that has often belonged to the Left but I think the Right should embrace it”.

With All about the Idea bringing the ideas, social media nous and tech know-how to this political party, our suited and booted colleagues were ahead of the game, like Apple geeks camped out on 5th Avenue.

The perfect marriage of traditional and modern, the event was covered in the social media space and serious publications like Spectator and the Evening Standard.


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