Power to the consumer: Declare war on admin

I know, I know, I’ve kind of been off the beaten track lately, out of touch, AWOL, but I did leave you in the more than capable hands of Boris ‘the grid’ Muller. But for those of you who have been suffering withdrawal from the often rambling, occasionally unreasonable (sometimes irrational), vaguely creative brand related drivel that tends to spew forth from my fingertips at sporadic intervals – and yes, I actually have received word from a concerned fan wondering as to my whereabouts – have no fear, for I am back.

You are now reading the words of a stronger woman. I kid you not. A trip to the other side of the planet has fortifying properties, the like of which can only come in reaction to dealing with serious admin; advanced planning, transportation logistics, queuing, assuring border authority after border authority that I have no desire to commit acts of terror, either with my pore refining day cream or my contact lens solution. All this can sometimes lead to that life altering moment when one has to grit their teeth, look into their soul and convince the buried Mr Hyde consumer that lives in each and every one of us that it’s time to come out, time to answer back, time to do things ‘his’ way.

And thus, I have declared war. On admin. And I encourage you to do so too. For it’s not just me that’s spotted the increase in life admin of late. Have you noticed that for some reason far too many (1 is 1 too many) evenings and weekends are now spent online banking, responding to personal emails, making decisions on home improvements, ringing India to complain about your latest mobile phone bill? Seriously, what is that about??

When I go to a restaurant, I get shown to a table, order a dish from the waitress, who informs the kitchen and at some point in the not too distant future I receive my meal, eat it and pay for it. The waitress doesn’t ask me for the 8th and 12th digit of my secure (and therefore totally forgettable) pass code before placing me in a queue to speak to the ‘meat and 2 veg’ department, at which point I have to reiterate word-for-word what I have just discussed with the waitress. I don’t have to pay for next month’s meal in advance, or worry about being charged should I need more gravy. If I spill my drink or the kid at the next door table nicks my chips, I’m pretty confident I can get replacements within half an hour (and I don’t have to submit a police report).

At the start of this post, I mentioned rambling, ranting and drivel. Well, I think we’ve covered all bases here. But if I were to leave you with an idea, it would be are you or should you be declaring your own war on admin? Banks, mobile phone networks, insurance; things are changing all the time. It’s a competitive market place and consumers have choice and therefore power on their side. So, suit up and stock the armory; make sure you’re getting the best treatment.

Power to the consumer.


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