Disconnecting from the discord of the city

We came across this pretty cool infographic via calm and collected new magazine The Simple Things. Having just spent 8 days in Canada’s capital of chilled out, Vancouver, indulging in the harmony and balance that hiking, kayaking, running and swimming in the great outdoors can bring, it seemed an opportune moment to blog about the big idea of plugging in to the balance of nature and disconnecting from the discord of the city.

I love London, I really do. It is both one of the world’s most incredible cities and civilisation’s greatest monuments. A honey pot of culture, finance, history, fashion, media and communication, London is large, busy, well connected and influential. But it’s not, well, tranquil. It has moments of coming quite close. Richmond Park on a fine day, granted, is pretty peaceful, but despite an easy train from Waterloo, it’s not really that accessible to the average Londoner. I mean, how often do you go?

Vancouver, on the other hand, is able to provide its workers and dwellers with the peace of sandy beaches within a 20 minute bus ride of downtown, the challenge of man vs. mountain in little over half an hour and the rejuvenation of kayaking within spitting distance of both the business and residential districts. And there’s no denying that the residents of this city-come-beach/ski resort are substantially more relaxed than the coffee clutching worka/alcoholics in our beloved concrete jungle.

Or perhaps that’s just my friends and colleagues…?!?

And when you consider that London is only the 24th largest city in the world in terms of population, well it makes me want to reach out to the guys in Tokyo, NYC, Moscow, Buenos Aires and Rio and urge them to unwind. Big idea: Get amongst nature, turn off your Blackberry, get the blood pumping and enjoy the ensuing spate of serotonin.

To see full infographic, click here.


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