Coca-Cola: Make it in GB

Can you guess what it is yet?

Yes, that is our dear Union Flag made out of one of this country’s most beloved products. And before you all throw your arms in the air and start chuntering, “Coca-Cola’s American!”, just ssshh and listen. Are we sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Coca-Cola Enterprises actually employs around 4,500 people across England, Scotland and Wales at manufacturing sites, regional offices and depots. The Sidcup Factory, CCE’s oldest site, first began production in 1961 and in this its 50th anniversary year, is celebrating five decades of making drinks, which today include favourites such as Diet Coke, Fanta, Dr Pepper and good ol’ fashioned Coke.

The Coca-Cola Union Flag display above was created by All about the Idea for CCE’s representation in the Make it in Great Britain exhibition at the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation (BIS) in Westminster. Follow them on Twitter @makeitinGB or visit the website to find out more about the campaign.


One thought on “Coca-Cola: Make it in GB

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