It takes fans to make fans

Someone once said it takes money to make money. Well, the same applies to the world of brands: It takes fans to make fans.

Greggs understands this well and has just launched a marketing campaign harnessing the strength of social (specifically, Facebook) and the power of popularity to find among their half a million fans the cleverly punned ‘Arthur Million’.

The possibilities for fans to show their appreciation of the brand are limitless, but they must of course be posted to the Facebook page in order to be considered. Entries to date have included (temporarily) tattooing the letters A R T H and M I L L across the knuckles of one female fan and posting a PhotoShopped Arthur Million UK passport. This person, their ultimate brand ambassador, whoever it may be, will be rewarded for their creative efforts with a free Greggs lunch every week for a whole year.

News of the campaign reached me through the various brand and events grapevines from which I swing and what was my first reaction? To become a fan on Facebook, of course! How else will I get the chance to save myself a fiver for the next 52 weeks (“you do the math”)?

And lo, there came to be… another fan. Keep it up Greggs and you’ll be looking for ‘Anole Million’ before long. But of course, they knew that.


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