Keep up Cool Hunter!

Seekers of all things cool, Cool Hunter, it has emerged today, are falling behind the curve. That, or they’ve admitted defeat and finally surrendered the crown of big ideas to All about the Idea.

How do I have the gall to write this? Cool Hunter’s Facebook page today featured a ‘bucket list’ art installation, which appeared on the Idea Awards over a year ago.

The ‘Before I die…’ blackboard by Candy Chang, erected in New Orleans in March of last year, was discovered and submitted into the Idea Awards by ‘Geoffrey’; clearly a fascinating, creative, not to mention worldly individual. 

Cool Hunter must have spotted our pic and considered it SUCH a big idea, they have deigned 13 months later to share it with their 752,557 Facebook fans. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and we appreciate the compliment, Cool Hunter. Any time!

Image: 10 massive optical illusion-inducing mixed-media art pieces by Mike Hewson, Christchurch NZ


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