Dude, where’s my glampsite?

In terms of big ideas, neither camping nor glamping are particularly new. But when you think about camping holidays, the image that all too often comes to mind is of ‘weirdy beardy’ couples with tie dye, dream catchers and wind chimes, or the middle class family of sock and sandal-wearing bespectacled parents chaperoning kids everywhere; the types to place a prohibition on eating sweets and watching TV. As for glamping, well it’s for the 60’s love child with pots of dosh, isn’t it?

Perhaps not. Enter Andy Thorne Co-Founder of Koa Tree Camp, a brand new glamping site coming soon to the Devon/Cornwall coast. He says, “The idea of the site has always been to make it as green as possible, but to make this element really understated and show that you can have a zero or close to zero impact holiday/lifestyle without being a bearded treehugger.”

Scheduled to open for the 2013 summer season, the Koa Tree Camp’s focus is on the perfect holiday. So, along with a luxurious Mongolian yurt to call home, holiday makers can expect a whole host of activities to complete the coastal paradise package, including surfing, biking and coasteering, as well as the usual holiday staples of ping pong, boules, pub games and other campfire fun.

Koa Tree Camp’s emphasis on the perfect holiday sets it apart from other glamping outfits. “We’re different because other sites either focus on extreme luxury or extreme green.” Andy, whose previous business saw him delving into all aspects of supplying and fitting solar panels, from the Board to the rooftop, has found that as one idea develops, another is born. For instance, the plan to be powered by renewables, grow as much food as possible onsite and plant orchards to offset any carbon emissions evolved into a cookery school idea, giving people the opportunity to learn everything from planting and picking to the finished plate. Holidaying children can even get up close and personal with the farm animals!

So, that’s the kids entertained, the foodies fed and the dudes out in the surf; making for alot of happy glampers. We’ve got the Pimm’s, Instaprint and Sonos at the ready for as and when we get our sneak preview invitation… 

Check out more ideas from the guys on their blog, charting the trials and tribulations of setting up their dream holiday site.

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