Only one little birdy now ‘in the know’

Twitter has decided to streamline and simplify its entire ethos to encourage more non-techies to get on board with the website.

This simplification is represented by the facelift of their core logo, #twitterbird, which epitomises the social media brand. All other Twitter brand images, such as the lowercase ‘t’ symbol and the bubbled ‘Twitter’, are out, but the birdy is in.

The bird is designed from three overlapping circles, representing the connection between our social networks, interests and ideas. Simple though the concept may be, Twitter’s revamp is a Big Idea, as it is designed to make people directly associate the wee blue birdy with ‘wagwan’ in current affairs. 

This blue birdy will become iconic. ‘Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter’ (Doug Bowman, Twitter’s Creative Director). Although, on the flipside Tweeps, the fact that it looks like Batman when upside down (and even Sonic the Hedgehog, as above) did go viral, so maybe people are missing this little birdy’s message.

Post by Lotty Bennett, All about the Idea intern


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