Think: Where to share?

I’ve read much of the ‘How not to do social media’, ‘Social media: The Don’ts’ and ‘Why does noone like my avatar?’ advice out there. Most of it is common sense, but the really useful stuff is the social network specific advice. Which makes sense, because not all social media is the same.

I am put in mind of my latest social pet peev: The blanket inclusion of sharing buttons to blogs and websites, regardless of their content, nor any consideration of their readers or the users of the various social media to which they are offering the chance to share.

Why, on a blog or news and opinion site that only displays a small and unimaginative image to accompany the story, would you offer your readers the option to pin it to Pinterest? 

I saw this this morning on a creative industries site that I actually really admire, so I was disappointed to find such an indiscriminate use of sharing buttons without any forethought as to how readers might want to share that content. 

A Pinterest button is a no brainer for a photography blog, retail fashion online, or a travel destinations guide; all, one would imagine, if they’re doing it right, contenders for seriously beautiful visuals, probably large too. This is exactly the kind of content that pinners want to share. NOT an opinion piece on creative freelancers accompanied by a tiny, uninspired stock photograph of generic individuals in suits.

I mean, what’s next? Should I post an essay to Instagram, put it in a frame and apply the Sierra filter?

Having looked around, I’m now seeing this everywhere. The irony is that it’s marketing websites and social media gurus that are doing it. The very people that purport to be experts in this field, who use their blogs to critique the failures of brands or agencies in such and such a marketing exercise or creative campaign, basing their poor review on a blatent ‘one size fits all’ attitude, when their dose of truth hits a little closer to home than they might have imagined.

Here at All about the Idea HQ, we say one size does not fit all, a square peg will not fit into a round hole and an idea is only as great as the problem it solves. So, marketers, commentators, people with opinions; c’mon. Think about the fundamentals of your content, then ask yourselves ‘WHERE do my readers want to share this?’ 

Image by Brooke Shaden, Flickr.

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