A few things you didn’t know you could do with Twitter

Twitter can be a little confusing and/or frustrating sometimes with some much chatter and constant buzz, but there’s actually more you can do to enhance your user experience than you might think.

So, here are a couple of useful Twitter tips that we thought we’d share with you.

When you are tweeting a lot in a short time, your tweets start to drown out what other people are saying in your followers’ timelines.

This is why some people don’t like Twitter #hashtag chats. So, if you want to avoid overwhelming your followers, start any tweet you want to “hide” with @HideChat or (one character shorter) @HideTag.

This is super useful when live-tweeting events or shows.

You certainly don’t need to do this with all your chat tweets (although you could), but it’s a good idea to do it with most of them so as to avoid irritating followers.

Another sneaky tag to include is #in (#li also works) if you want to share something with only your LinkedIn profile. E.g. “Working on a blog post about increasing meeting productivity #in”

Handy eh?

(Pic courtesy of on the rampage)


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