If you were loaded, would you pass on your good luck?

You could argue that some of today’s philanthropists like to do things to get themselves noticed. Take the likes of Bill Gates and his charitable foundation or the glut of reality TV wannabes on the Secret Millionaire. But occasionally, the philanthropy mould gets broken. 

One of our Facebook friends posted this today and after checking it out we thought it was worth sharing. We-are-lucky.com is a site run by someone who, and they don’t say how, came into a lot of money. After booking and cancelling a space flight on Virgin Galactic the newly flush character set up the website and decided to do something that would pass on their luck. The plan – to give away £1000 a day to a complete stranger. 

The catch – there isn’t one. The only stipulation is that the recipient has to do something positive with the cash they receive. ‘Something positive’ is, of course, completely subjective and remains the responsibility of the recipient. The idea behind the project was that people not only share the luck of receiving money but also the responsibility that comes with it. Yes, with great money comes great responsibility.

The mystery philanthropist was in London yesterday and is still around our fair city today. Click here to find out more and you can get clues to their location from the Twitter account.

(Image: The film ‘Intacto’ by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, about the sharing and taking of luck)


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