Galileo: A new world of video calling & conferencing

Ever been frustrated when you’ve dialled into a teleconference, or video called a friend or relative, that you can’t quite follow what’s going on like you could if you were actually there in the room?

Josh Guyot had been, many times, when calling his young son and so he had a BIG idea.

Fanatics for good design, robots and photography, the guys behind Joby and the Gorillapod™ line of flexible camera tripods are bringing Galileo, a “revolutionary, iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with infinite spherical rotation capability” to the marketplace. But, they need your backing to get it there.

The beauty of this technology is that it allows the ‘remote participant’ to control the angle and position of the camera on which they’re relying so heavily. Instead of feeling further away from the people with which they’re interacting, due to the imperfect minutia of video calling, they can be proactive, wholly engaged and a part of the group.

Click here to find out more and tell us how you would use Galileo in the comments below.


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