There’s a twitch in the Matrix

This morning we were greeted with a deluge of helpful emails from concerned followers informing us that they had received an unusual direct message from us including a link on Twitter.

Our account has been *places back of hand to forehead, raising eyes to the heavens* …hacked. This link is HARMFUL. Those of you who absent mindedly clicked on it (as we did), you may have been hacked too.

The first thing that you must do is change your password. Use something obscure, comprised of numbers, letters and symbols. Secondly, contact your followers explaining. No doubt, you will have received ‘heads up’ messages too. Finally, make sure you warn others about this nasty ‘twitch in the Matrix’. It’s just annoying for everyone when accounts get hacked and you could lose followers because of it.

We apologise to everyone who received an unwarranted direct message from us and hope that it hasn’t caused too many problems for people. If you’d like further details, click here.

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