Which Social are you?

When Friends was at the height of its powers, there was a trend to determine ‘which friend are you?’. Those of you who have undertaken the Myers Briggs test will agree that not only are personality assessments irresistible, particularly to those of us who err on the side of narcissism, but can be scarily accurate.

I think the time has come to assess ‘which Social are you?’

With what my colleague terms social overload taking over many people’s lives and with each social tool embracing a slightly different aspect of online networking culture, I say why fight against the tidal wave of Social? Rather, open yourself up to the possibility that there could be a Social out there that’s perfect for you; your social soulmate, the online sharing tool that ticks all the boxes and gives you more than you expected from a social network; The One.

After all, we’ve come a long way from the conception of Facebook. Long enough to make a film about it.

The Test…

You don’t enjoy the digital revolution, but you’re not willing to be a hermit either. Plus, it’s a useful way of contacting some of your friends who have moved away recently. Maybe it makes you feel that little bit better connected to your teenage daughter. It helps you to feel included, even if you’re not quite sure what all the functionality is. Like, what’s checking in?

My my, you’re busy, always on the go. Your brain is organised into pertinent remarks and titbits of information contained within 140 characters. More than that, people really do want to hear what you have to say. No really, they do. It’s an unrelenting mission to keep your followers entertained. You’re secretly crushed when you discover that your best mate’s little sister has more followers than you.

You’re a hoarder. Your life would be one long scrap book, but if it were there’d be way too much in it for you ever to get around to finding the useful snippets you squirreled away for future reference. You value beauty (you might even be a little vain). Finally, a Social that lays out neatly for you inspiration and visual reminders relating to the parts of your life that require ongoing attention to achieve the harmony you seek. Look at your pin boards and assess your progress – you’re doing well.

You probably work for Google, or you’re American. Either that or your job is to share your brand visually with the Google+ community i.e. Cadbury, or Red Bull.

Linked In
It’s all business, baby. You’re an entrepreneur or in business development. Social? What’s Social? No, no, this is all about industry networking. You’re slowly unlocking connections, which equate to opportunities to sell. 

If there’s a Social out there that’s The One for you, which we’ve missed here, tell us in the comments below!

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