Thursday: ‘In Pursuit of Austria’ City bike ride

You all know the score by now. Week 1 was chocolate, week 2 the Spring picnic; week 3 is now here and what aspect of Austrian culture will we be promoting this Thursday? Well, there are few things more pleasurable than a summertime cycle ride along a winding, fir lined Alpine road with the sun on your face, the only noise the gentle whoosh of the wind through the spokes. 

This week, we’re bringing the Austrian bike ride to the Big Smoke, but we’re giving it a London twist. Ever heard of a pedibus? This 10 seater ‘human powered vehicle’ is the ideal way to see the sights – accompany a little gentle exercise with a couple of beers while your driver keeps tabs on the route.

March has been a looooong month. So if, like us, you’re working in the City and crave something a bit different to do for an hour after work this Thursday that’s not going to cost you a penny, then make sure you give one of our dirndl girls your business card on Thursday lunchtime as the In Pursuit bike makes its rounds of the financial district. Not only will you be in with a chance of winning the 10 day Austrian adventure for 2, but also you and a few friends could be taking the In Pursuit bike for a spin after work with a cool glass of ‘bier’.

Starting out at Hay’s Galleria south of the river, the bike will be passing over London Bridge through Bishopsgate, Spitalfields Market and Smithfields Market via Shoreditch before grabbing some Liverpool Street punters later on in the afternoon. Look out for us – the weather’s set to be scorchio!

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