Coca-Cola: Riddle me this

Coca-Cola has over 40 million fans on Facebook and recently has been provoking responses using a series of mysterious riddles. Users who solve these are then sent to microsites providing visual rewards; all of which promote Coca-Cola’s tagline of a ‘small moment of happiness’.

The first riddle posted was as follows:

‘It’s warm and sandy, right under your feet
By this crackling fire, good friends will meet.
Fun music is played, by women and men
You’ll think to yourself, When can we do this again?
There’s nothing more that I desire
Than hanging out at A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Fans quickly worked out that the answer was – why don’t you check out what greeted them when they visited the page?

Reminds us of a treasure hunt, uncovering hidden treasures, a journey of self-realisation… ring any bells? Anyhow, we like riddles and this is a nifty little way of engaging and expanding Coca-Cola’s fan base. Keep an eye out for the latest riddle which will be released every few days on their fan page.


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