When one venue just ain’t enough, rent a village!

Doing what we do, All about the Idea is occasionally tasked with coming up with suitable venues for client events. And who made the rule that a venue is a singular entity or even a building?

We like the idea of renting a whole village. And so did the people who started Rent a Village.

Rather than an anonymous urban hotel, your event takes place in a village and the surrounding area. The inhabitants earn their living from the village and local businesses as well as clubs and associations also contribute to the event with expertise and experience, from catering to indoor and outdoor activities.

Corporates can rename streets and squares using key brand messages, have their logo carved into the white snow of a mountain slope, or introduce a unique currency for the duration of their stay.

Most of the villages are in Austria and Germany and situated in the mountains. Presumably, this is because outside the ski season there is an opportunity to fill in a gap in the regional economy with corporate activity.

With interesting food, blue skies and romantic scenery, reckon I’d be engaged if I was whisked away for a conference here…

One thought on “When one venue just ain’t enough, rent a village!

  1. What about http://www.greenandaway.org.
    As a registered UK charity, they:

    “Provide inspirational and fully serviced conference facilities for organisations looking for a new kind of experience for their participants” by setting up “Europe’s only tented conference centre – a fully serviced event venue, in the form of an inspirational and environmentally sustainable village – available for hire” during the summer months!

    Very inspiring if you ask me…


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