Is your pitch as creative as your idea?

In the creative communications game, why isn’t the pitch process more… exciting?

When the key to an engaging campaign is encouraging the audience to experience the brand, why wouldn’t you apply the same principle to the pitch and let the idea demonstrate itself?

So, when the Austrian National Tourist Office approached All about the Idea with a brief for a 3 week live activity and advertisement campaign to promote summer holidays in Austria, the team was adamant that the pitch should be as intriguing for the client as the campaign activity would be for its audience.

Thus, operation ‘Secret Squirrel’ began; the delivery of the Return on Brief.

The campaign concept, In Pursuit of Austria, was a grown up treasure hunt with clues and prizes; a cultural quest to find Austria’s ‘Hidden Treasures’, a journey of ‘self-realisation’, one of the brand’s key messages.

Therefore, the pitch would take the client on their own mysterious adventure: In Pursuit of the pitch document.

With watches synchronised, preparations began and the perfect clue was composed to entice the client to embark upon her own not-so-wild goosechase. In the style of The Game starring Michael Douglas (above), even third parties had their parts to play, luring the client to orchestrated meeting points and feeding carefully scripted information at opportune moments.

You know that feeling when a good plan comes off? We had it in spades when an email from the client came through, only 45 minutes after the release of our mysterious message, saying, “Great idea! Just picked up the envelope!”

Launching today, In Pursuit of Austria invites you to join in the hunt for Austria’s Hidden Treasures. Listen out for the radio spots on LBC, or enter the competition online at and be in with a chance of winning your very own 10 day adventure across Austria, plus a different weekend break each week.

Watch this space for the schedule of dirndl deluged live activity taking place throughout central London…


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