IDEA AWARDS: New ‘high-flying’ prize confirmed

We told you to watch this space. And you did. Your reward is the news that one lucky Idea Awards 12 winner will be getting their hands on this super cool Robocopter GST Special Edition and HyperBrain from our friends at Extreme Fliers.

20% bigger than the original Robocopter and made with a full metal shell, this play thing for the Peter Pan inside every man features a patented counter-rotating, twin, flexible blade design (apparently, giving it superb flying control and stability). This helicopter set (RRP £45) comes complete with remote control, USB charger, a pair of spare blades and a spare tail rotor, though you’re unlikely to need these as it’s reputed to be as robust as an Olympic shot putter.

For Idea Awards 12 though, the prize had to be so much more than ‘just a toy’. Combining traditional male lust for pilotable toys with smartphone technology and the 21st century man’s preoccupation with gadgets, we’re also giving away the Hyperbrain dongle that, in conjunction with the free app downloadable in the App Store, makes it possible to pilot the Robocopter GST using your iPhone.

Check out Dragon’s Den entrepreneur and developer Vernon Kerswell demo-ing the products here, when I caught up with him at the eCommerce Expo last year. You can also watch a much cheesier version minus our mini interview (or m’interview, if you will) above.

Another month, another prize confirmed. First vodka, now toys. We certainly know how to spoil you. What will it be next? Only time will tell, but in the mean time, we strongly advise you to get your ideas in NOW – the longer they’re in the competition, the more time they have to accummulate votes from the general public. So, add an idea now.


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