We’re heading for social overload

This may sound familiar: You’re active on Twitter and Facebook, and you’re trying to keep up with Google+ while also keeping your blog active and making sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. You post some photos on Flickr every now and then, and you have a feeling you should really be checking out Pinterest right about now.

We’ve all got used to the idea that Social Media is here to stay, and everyday bluechips are re-channeling their budgets toward an online spend (an estimated 80%), but with the abundance of new ideas breaking into the space, we are in danger of becoming unfocussed and guilty of spreading content too thinly. This week Pinterest have popped onto our ever expanding radar and if the reports are to be believed, it’s far more brand constructive than Facebook.

How much room for selling is there in social networks, where their fundamental purpose is to connect friends and family and enable them to share content? It’s like having a catch up with a friend in a bar, only the barman is trying to sell you a pair of Nikes and a holiday.

In the ever expanding social sphere, it has become ever more important to make informed time spend choices, to ensure you’re utilising the best channels that meet your objectives. For example, if you want to offer customer support, Twitter might be a more appropriate tool, whereas if you’re wanting to press a visually stimulating product, you may create more impactful waves through the likes of Pinterest. It’s important to consider the best medium for your messages and that they’re finding spaces filled with your key target audiences. Don’t just use technology for it’s own sake.

Picture courtesy of Brian Solls & Jess 3: www.theconversationprism.com

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