Foster’s brings back Swiss Toni, Rowley Birkin and the gang!

Here at All about the Idea towers, it feels as though we’ve been waiting for this our whole lives. Yes, Fast Show is back. How? Because Foster’s had a big idea.

From Foster’s, the big lager brand known for its television ads featuring two no nonsense Aussie guys, comes Funny Productions, an online channel available via the website and through Youtube showcasing brand new episodes of old favourites such as Fast Show and Vic & Bob.

Funny Productions harmonises the demographic of Foster’s drinkers with adult male fans of the popular 90s comedy sketch shows that made alpha male characters like Swiss Toni, whose catchphrase of “[anything in the world you can possibly think of, the more random the better] is much like making love to a beautiful woman”, old alcoholic QC Rowley Birkin, who recounts completely unintelligible but lengthy tales always ending in the line “…because I was very very drunk” and the unlikely romantic pair in Lord Ralph Meyhew and Ted. 

It’s a big idea in nostalgia marketing, which gets attention and boosts the brand profile. As one eloquent fan on Youtube commented, “BRILLIANT! First Alan Partridge, now the Fast Show! Thanks Fosters. Who cares if you taste like piss.”


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