Happy Chocolate Day! Kraft’s crafty combination

Today is Chocolate Day. According to Twitter. But according to me Chocolate Week is in October, or March if you’re in the USA and World Chocolate Day is Sept 4th. But what do I know.

Kraft, being a food conglomerate of stratospheric influence, father to numerous power brands including Green & Blacks, Toblerone and of course Cadbury, can make any day of the year Chocolate Day if they want. With a wider range of chocolate than a heart broken teenaged girl, bringing enjoyment to indiscriminate sweet toothed children and dark chocolate advocates alike, Kraft makes chocolatey decisions on a daily basis.

Their decision to combine their two flagship UK products, Cadbury and Philadelphia, is a contraversial one though. The “adventurous” combination has just hit the shelves and is vying for Nutella’s chocolate spread crown, with Kraft projecting £10million of business in the next year.

And the word on the street? Opinion over this big idea seems divided. Mixing sweet with savoury, cheese with chocolate, is causing some consumers to back away in horror muttering savagely that this is exactly why Cadbury should have stayed in British hands, while others (those who like chocolate cheesecake, probably enough to eat on a daily basis) are excited by the prospect of, in Kraft’s words, a “fantastic taste experience”.

If you’re open minded enough, perhaps you could grab some at lunchtime and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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