Idea Awards 12: Prizes confirmed

Good news Ideas friends, we have our first prize confirmed for Idea Awards 12.

Kindly provided by the nice people at Marquis Vodka, we have a bottle of their Polmos Bialystok distilled vodka, labelled as Nulli Secundis (meaning Second to None), to reward one lucky Idea Awards winner.

Marquis Vodka is a Miami-based brand of vodka, distilled by the famous aforementioned distillery in Poland, from hand selected rye grain using Europe’s tallest column stills.

Once filled and approved by Master Distiller Henryk Wnorowski, each bottle is given a quality assurance hologram and sealed with hand-applied ribbons, before being checked for any final imperfections prior to packaging.

As though contrived by Fate himself, All about the Idea’s very own Tom Tuke-Hastings is on hand to offer the perfect accompaniment, making this a true vodka lovers’ package. Writing The Art of the Vodka Jelly: Bespoke Cocktails for a New Generation was a labour of love for Tom and after an extensive testing process this mini coffee table book for cooking enthusiasts was published.

So, a bottle of Marquis’ finest and a signed copy of The Art of the Vodka Jelly. Whether you crave a Moscow Mule, Caviar and Lemon, or have it simply with tonic and a bit of ice, enter your idea here now and you could be in with a chance of winning this fancy schmancy prize!

2 thoughts on “Idea Awards 12: Prizes confirmed

  1. Hmmphh, I’ve always found that vodka goes well with salmon and caviar. Fair enough, I’m not alone, but while some may think that you should hold the cucumber for the gin, you can actually throw flavours at the vodka and double up.

    Also why not surprise your tastebuds with a hit of spice from the East?

    “Apparently” True Deli do amazing canapes, including Salmon Ceviche with Salted Cucumber, Fennel Cress, Lemon Zest and a Teriyaki Glaze (in a spoon!). Utterly impartial judge, me, but I think that would kick grass out of a bison when nibbled with Second to None Marquis Vodka.

    To make it into a real IDEA though, I think that the above idea would be completed by a fine sunset outset a warm yurt on the Mongol steppes after a hard day mustering on one of Prezalski’s horses.

    Just a thought. Or idea.



  2. I think the Mongol steppes with a Genghis Khan hoofprint or two would make for an excellent backdrop to our first confirmed prize of Idea Awards 12. However, it’s not in the budget… Do you know anyone at Mongolian airlines?


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