PODCAST: Derrick talks to simply-TV

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is the father of All about the Idea, Derrick Tuke-Hastings, immortalised by the power of the podcast, doing what he loves most; chuckling.

Derrick appeared yesterday lunchtime on simply-TV to chat with Marc Wright from Simply Communicate magazine all things live events, wide format video and death by PowerPoint.

Following on from our article in print (click here to view), Derrick was invited on the show to give his take on the state of the industry in 2012 and how non Olympics sponsors can utilise the London Games to their advantage.

While advising corporate communicators to “create an atmosphere”, rather than simply pressing play on a slides presentation, Derrick proved that he is more than just ‘all about the idea’, he is all about big hand gestures too!

Though some viewers may have balked at the possibility of ditching PowerPoint for what they imagine to be an expensive alternative, our man in the bow tie explained that it ain’t necessarily so. While Derrick’s former agency Park Avenue offered clients the “whole package”, All about the Idea by contrast, charges only for what the client wants, whether it be some fresh ideas, creative direction of a team of suppliers, or full implementation.

There was some great interaction during the live broadcast yesterday, including comments and questions from communicators agency and client side.

Don’t take my word for it though; watch the archived podcast by clicking here. Register (only takes 2 secs), press play and then click on Derrick’s name on the left hand side to watch the interview.

Feel free to leave your comments and queries below for Derrick to answer.


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