Three Choirs Vineyards & Idea Awards

As another year comes to a close, a new one begins. Idea Awards 12 is now live and lapping up entries from all those with a creative bent, fighting it out to be crowned Idea Awards champion 2012.

But 2011 would not be truly complete without a mention to our Idea Awards 11 partner, Three Choirs Vineyards.

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, where two counties meet; Gloucestershire, home to the Cotswolds and Herefordshire, as described by historian John Julius Norwich, ‘No county is more beautiful;
few, if any, are more unspoilt’. Three Choirs Vineyards takes its name from one of the world’s oldest classical choral music festivals, the Three Choirs Festival, held each year since the early eighteenth century, and rotating between the three great cathedral cities of Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford.

Three Choirs Vineyards itself is England’s leading and most awarded, single estate vineyard and a site offering not only wine tasting and guided tours, but exquisite accommodation and fine dining.

Idea Awards 11 saw the generous donation of a bottle of Three Choirs Classic Cuvee, a traditionally-made sparkling wine of very high quality. Dry and subtle, it is proudly British and with none of the self-importance (nor inflated price tag) of so many wines produced in the Champagne region.

Thank you to all of our Idea Awards 11 partners. We look forward to bringing you news of the top prizes up for grabs in Idea Awards 12.


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