Interview with… Extreme Fliers founder & inventor Vernon Kerswell

When I paid a visit to the eCommerce Expo 2011 at Olympia, London last year, I was excited by the prospect of seeing keynotes from PayPal and eBay and was positively bubbling over at the thought of the Facebook keynote.

In addition to these fabulous insights into the world of online, offline and mobile retail, I was treated to the unexpected bonus of meeting extraordinarily young and talented entrepreneur and inventor Vernon Kerswell. You may recognise his earnest fresh face from the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, in which he put together an impressive presentation for the Dragons, including toy company investor Peter Jones.

Despite coming away empty handed a year ago, Extreme Fliers, Kerswell’s toy manufacturing and importing company, founded during “a year out” from university, is proving to be a successful venture. On their stand at the eCommerce Expo, I encountered Kerswell, surrounded by a throng of enraptured middle aged men in suits, demonstrating the exciting potential of one of his products, the iHelicopter.

In addition to hitting on current retail trends, such as a partnership with Groupon, Kerswell is intent on maintaining a high level of innovation and forward thinking ideas to keep up with eye wateringly powerful competition in the marketplace. On this point, he was able to tell me a little about the App that has been developed for the iPhone, making it possible to pilot your remote control iHelicopter using your mobile phone.

Soon to be made available on Android, free to download and with 3 different channels allowing for multi-machine air combat, All about the Idea looks forward to seeing where this could go next; tracking and mapping your flight path, analysing battle data, play back animation of tricks and impressive moves, share with your friends etc etc…

Vernon Kerswell: one man, big ideas for toys. We like him, but we were surprised to learn he’d never heard of Air Swimmers?! No matter, as we expect to receive an iHelicopter here at AatI HQ soon to try for ourselves. Watch this space…


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