Idea Awards 11 winners are…

In first place, with Reducing Energy Consumption, is Dave Jones-Evans of Powys! Dave wins our top prize this year of a £200 holiday voucher courtesy of

Second prize goes to Chris Burgess for his idea to launch a student TV and film showreel channel. It was a close cut thing for a while between Dave and Chris, but hopefully Chris can be suitably consoled with his prize of a side of Forman‘s smoked salmon and bottle of British bubbly.

Finally, third prize goes to Leah Tansey for her entry: Giving old clothes new life. Leah wins a pair of tickets to a boutique London ‘pop up’ dining event, provided by Love a Locavore.

We will be inviting all three of our winners to the AatI headquarters in London to be presented with their prizes.

Thank you to everyone who entered Idea Awards 11. We had some fabulous suggestions, from the weird (car wash & wax option for baldies) to the wonderful (Egg Bot – we bought one ourselves!) and everything in between.

Idea Awards 12 is now open! If you want to be part of it this year, just click on Add Idea. Check back for updates regarding our 2012 prizes.

Good luck!


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