The best Christmas present in the world…

Wouldn’t everyone like to make Christmas totally unforgettable for a small someone close to them? And doesn’t everyone, deep down, really wish that Father Christmas was around; even better, that he was your personal friend? However old and beleaguered one becomes, there’s a small part of all of us that would jump for joy at receiving a phone call or a special letter from the magical man himself.

Google, stratospheric when it comes to beloved global brands, have found a way to give some of us this childish dream.

Powered by Gmail, Send a Call from Santa asks for various details pertaining to your intended recipient, before piecing together a special message, which you can preview before sending to your loved one.

Sadly, Father Christmas can only call Canadian and US numbers (must be something to do with the signal in the North Pole) – hopefully next year he can switch his network provider and call UK! Still worth a look just to hear the preview though.

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