Batman & Nokia: The branding of phones

What an awesome partnership. I mean, if you were a global telecommunications giant wouldn’t you want to hook up with a superhero?

Nokia has managed to strike up an accord with one of the world’s most famous good guys, Batman. This beautiful friendship has given birth to a Limited Edition Lumia 800; the result, a Windows smartphone so striking in design and exclusive in availability (only 40 handsets have been made), it’s enough to make even the most fervent Apple nut turn infidel.

Created in honour of the last film in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, the smartphone has a minimalist bat symbol laser-etched onto the back of the device, maximising the drama implicit in its effortlessly stunning black form.

Along with the usual Windows Phone 7.5 features there is a unique Dark Knight Rises live tile, which directly updates with new information about the film, plus some exclusive Bane wallpaper.

As far as brand juxtapositions and big ideas go, this goes into the hall of fame. We love it and our imagination is already running away with a plethora of future possibilities; Samsung and Superman, maybe Audi and Edward Cullen…

What do you think?

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