REVEALED: Facebook Timeline

Big news for all living beings (or the 99.9% of living beings that use Facebook) – our favourite stalking tool slash inner monologue made public slash photo album has launched its hotly anticipated Timeline.

And unlike most Facebook layout changes, we actually like it!

Finally, users can browse their own and the profiles of others in an attractive chronological format that begins, if one chooses to scroll back that far, with the date the account was created.

We love the map, which shows all the locations to which you’ve checked in, and the personal timeline outlining your Facebook activity, including status updates, photos, likes, news articles read, plus a new feature called the Cover, which is essentially an extension of your profile photo (and probably the most useless element of the new layout, but fun all the same).

Definitely one to try out for yourself. You’re going to spend hours reliving your own history!*

Just type into Google ‘Facebook Timeline’ (or click the link) and apply it to your profile! 

*All about the Idea takes no responsibility for whether readers enjoy reliving their history


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