The Amazing Everyday: Nokia & Deadmau5

The above is footage of the video mapping display put on by Nokia to the live music of Deadmau5 at an event 2 days ago held at the Millbank Tower, London to celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia, their new Windows phone.

I went down to the Albert Embankment with a suitably ‘finger on the pulse’ TV-type friend to see if Nokia could bring the amazing everyday (or at least, on a Monday).

The atmosphere was very cool & even at my tender years, I felt slightly old as I was surrounded by what seemed to me to be the cast of Hollyoaks several times over i.e. young, gorgeous, trendy people and lots of them!

There were plenty of Internationals too – I heard French, Spanish and lots of American being spoken, as the skyscraper over the river from us flickered into life and became for 15 minutes that evening a giant 3D screen. 

You can see the results for yourself – pretty amazing eh?!


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