How clever is your roof?

Perhaps you would like to be more ‘green’, but don’t really know where to start? Maybe you’ve written-off reducing your carbon footprint thinking, “sure, I can change my car and ditch the aerosols, but my house is just way too eco-unfriendly to even think about”. You may be right, but before you commit the issue to the never-to-be-done-anything-about sin bin, you could first take a look at SolStats.

SolStats is a website that can provide you with a free solar energy report for the roof of your property. Using satellite maps to locate and measure the roof of your house, SolStats can calculate how many solar panels could be fitted, the amount of energy they could generate and the sum of money that could be saved on energy bills.

It takes no more than 2 minutes from start to finish, so why not give it a go? Making your house greener could be easier than you think.

A big idea, a nifty little website with user friendly interface and impeccable green credentials – thumbs up from All about the Idea!

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