Drinkify – like Spotify, but for drinks…

A little something to brighten your Monday:

Introducing Drinkify.

Ever had that feeling when you’re listening to your latest music obsession and you fancy a tipple, but you just don’t know what?

Enter Drinkify, your music/beverage partnership tool. Just type the name of the artist you’re listening to into the uber user friendly and sleekly designed homepage, hit Enter and instantly receive your alcohol recommendation. (I say alcohol, though as you can see from the picture above, the fact that I am listening to ‘The Sounds’ calls for something less wet, more illegal.*)

According to the site, it was created in 24 hours. This is an impressive claim, given that it stocks album artwork and drinks suggestions for everything from The Sounds, to Georg Friedrich Händel (yes, George is spelled without an e) and back via Édith Piaf and Russell Crowe (!). 

Give it a go – it’s nothing if not amusing.

* All about the Idea does not condone or endorse the recommended use of any illicit substances and advocates responsible drinking…


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