Nostalgia Marketing: The return of SNAKE

I have commented on Ego Marketing before and touched on how the best ideas can be recycled ideas. In fact, the importance of nostalgia cannot be underestimated in the context of marketing and brand awareness. Nostalgia is all about making connections, triggering emotion and recalling memories. These are powerful forces in the world of marketing.

It has been shown that listening to music and particularly at points of “peak emotional arousal“, the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, which is commonly associated with the reward system of the brain, is activated and incites feelings of motivation to proactively perform certain activities.

Nostalgia, which is deeply connected to music and what it means to us, no doubt acts in a similar way via alternative routes, such as photographs, smells and games.

What do you think of when you think of Nokia’s Snake? I for one recall fondly Snake on the bus, in classes, with friends, comparing stories, the buzz, the hype, everyone loved Snake! It’s a feel-good game.

Well, it’s back! Nokia is reviving its Snake game to back this week’s launch of the Lumia 800, its first Windows phone, as part of an £80m global brand campaign. The manufacturer hopes to tap into what it calls consumers’ “latent affection” for the brand by targeting an estimated 14m web users with a one-off version of Snake on sites including YouTube, MSN, Yahoo! and The Sun today (Wednesday).

Players can move the snake, which is made from the ‘tiles’ featured in the global brand campaign, around the page in order to ‘eat’ pieces of content on the sites.

In addition, two 30-second product-based TV executions will coincide with the release of the Lumia, while experiential activity will run in high streets and shopping centres nationwide. Keep a look out and get involved! Let us know what you think of the revival of Snake & the new Nokia Lumia in our comments below.

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