“Students, look at yourselves, now look at me, now back at yourselves, now look back at me…”

Fabulous Friday news, particularly for you fortunate folk knuckling down (or not so much) in UK studentsville. Mustafa is coming to a university near you.

Or rather, his horse is.

P&G has decided to take the Old Spice internet sensation on an experiential tour of selected UK cities and universities, giving members of the general public the chance to sit on the white horse, made famous by the ads created by US agency Wieden & Kennedy Portland, and be ‘the man your man could smell like’.

The tour will visit Kingston, Warwick, Nottingham, Derby and Northumbria universities, alongside city centre stops in Manchester and Sheffield, from today until 24 October.

During November, the tour will show support for “Movember” activity, which raises money for the Prostate Cancer Charity, and will be present at the Greenwich 10km run and Battersea 5km run.

Lads, this is your chance. You can show your girlfriends’ mothers that you are equal in masculine prowess and equine mastery to the man himself, the Old Spice Guy. You can show your tutors that there’s more to you than hoodies, chewing gum and Fresher’s Week.

This is your time. Go. Be manly. (And girls, tell us how they do.)

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