Nokia bringing rap & literature together on your phone

We all enjoyed Nokia’s collaboration with Aardman to create the world’s largest and the world’s smallest stop frame animations using the N8, so we were excited to see that they’ve now branched out into the literary world, partnering with the author of the Horrible Histories novels Terry Deary and British rapper Chipmunk.

The object of the campaign is the novel The Perfect Poison Pills Plot, inspired by Japanese ‘keitai’ – novels containing chapters of only 70-100 words in length – and written by Terry Deary on an E6 handset. In the accompanying video installments of the book, posted on Nokia UK’s Facebook page, Chipmunk narrates.

Another interesting demonstration by Nokia of the varied uses of their mobile phone devices. In a marketplace dominated by apps, music, maps and mobile internet, it’s nice to see a major handset manufacturer exploring alternative ideas and bringing something a bit different, traditional but modern, to the consumer.


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