Shark infested headquarters…

No, you’re not dreaming. That is a shark swimming through the air at AatI‘s HQ in London.

This bad boy is an Air Swimmer and he has come all the way from the US to help us out at a client event at the end of this month.

The latest craze for kids this Christmas, Air Swimmers are selling out fast. Argos, amongst other places, secured some stock, but rumour has it that these have already been pre-ordered before their release at the end of this month. So, you may have to content yourselves with this video for the time being!

Cleverly designed, the Air Swimmers come ready to assemble with the help of an online DIY tutorial. All you need is a canister of balloon gas & you’re away. Using the remote control, the Air Swimmer is propelled forward by its tail fin and can dive and climb depending on the position of the ballast underneath the shark. When repositioning the ballast, the mechanism makes a deep grumbling sound, which is suitably menacing on approach to innocent bystanders and curious onlookers.

Here at All about the Idea, we are very pleased with our purchase & find that there are few better ways to spend a Friday afternoon in the office than to pilot an inflatable marine maneater and distract colleagues in the process.

Keep updated as to when these awesome toys are coming to a shop near you by logging on to Wow Stuff by clicking here.


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