Catch a Looter

It is difficult to concentrate on marketing when the city in which you live and work is being burned, trashed and burgled around you. It is in these states of relative emergency that social media is irrefutably potent.

Twitter has become the go-to place for up to the minute breaking news and is the lifeline of many a journalist and broadcaster. The Police are now being aided in their task of catching the individuals who have been for the past 3 nights raiding and damaging property across London, by harnessing the general public’s use of mobile phone technology and collating videos and pictures of looters online.

For anyone who has found themselves in the middle of this week’s violence on the streets and caught on camera any of the people involved, they can send their media via Twitter to @catchalooter. The public can also check the website to see if they can identify anyone in the images collated there.

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