Mapnificent (or not so much, as it turns out)

Mapnificent is the latest interactive map tool to come to our attention, joining Mapumental and the old travel time Tube map.

Pick a point anywhere on the London (or other city) map and using the slider bottom right to choose a journey duration, the map will highlight the surrounding areas that can be reached by foot and rail in that given time. It should be noted that the time slider states this is the ‘most’ amount of time that it’ll take you to do the highlighted journeys.

I would like to dispute this.

In Settings, you can select the time of day at which you’re travelling. Now, anyone who travels in London knows that setting off at 8am is an entirely different kettle of fish to starting your journey at 2 in the afternoon. Sorry, but there is absolutely no way that 35 minutes is the most amount of time that it takes to get from Tower Hill to Fulham at 6pm on a week day. No way.

Good idea, but Stefan Wehrmeyer, Mapnificent creator, I think you need to buy a travel card and do some research.


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