Australian exhibition designers answer to Big Ideas

Cunningham Martyn Design, an Australian Exhibition Designers with which I recently crossed paths, has come up with its own homage to big ideas via the ‘who we are’ page of their website.

It’s rather nice. Instead of just listing the members of the team and each individual’s function within the company, they also include each person’s ‘Object of Desire‘. This is their Big Ideas in design, if you like. So, for example, big enough to get a mention is the bicycle, or more specifically one of the company’s Industrial Designers’ bicycle, described as “a piece of design and engineering genius. It’s efficient, ingeniously self-propelled and highly beneficial to the user.” Hear hear.

Also listed is the rather fetching ash tray pictured above. Not just a fun gimic, this object of desire acts as “a marker to the change in social mores between the mid sixties and the present day”. I rather like it.

Have a look and see what else is featured as an object of desire by clicking here. It’s not all design based…

What’s your object of desire? Comment below.

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