Painting Fireflies with light

This charming light painting animation was launched last week to promote the Firefly Festival in the enchanting setting of the Herefordshire countryside. Held in a small forest clearing behind Elton Hall, near the town of Ludlow, Firefly is an intimate, humble gathering set in a natural amphitheater.

The animation is a collection of light paintings, a process which is achieved by opening the camera’s exposure for around 30 seconds, then using a light source – torch, candle, glow stick – to literally paint within the frame. The film is the work of 4AM Shorts, a collection of talented Kingston University animation and illustration students.

To buy your tickets for this years Firefly festival, 12th – 14th August, visit:

The line-up this years features Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Morning Parade, Kyla La Grange, Scott Matthews, Flashguns, The Milk, The Anomalies, Marcus Foster, The Neon Lights, Patch William, Will and the People, Picture Book, The Wild Mercury Sound, Goodnight Lenin, Stinger, Carousel, Talking Pictures, Tom Bradley + Many More.


One thought on “Painting Fireflies with light

  1. Love it!

    I went last year, saw King Charles – had such an amazing time. Such a lovely little festival – some awesome bands and this years it’s 2 days, EVEN BETTER!


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