Totally addictive idea from Hamburg Philharmonic

Totally fascinating idea. This has all the best website elements of interactivity, ego-marketing and work avoidance all bundled into one playfull tool from the Hamburg Philharmonic.

The Flash website shows a live picture of rathausmarkt, a square in Hamburg, through which people are walking, dawdling and talking. There is a base layer of charming music which plays continuously, over which the user can add further layers by splitting the square into 3 different sections.

Then as individuals walk through the different sections of the square, the user is able to click on them and apply to them either strings, woodwind, horns, or solo string. Depending on in which section of the square they are located, the tune that will play over the top of the base layer of music will vary.

This is tricky to explain and ought to be tried out to understand it, but if for example Joe Bloggs starts to walk through the section of the square that I have made layer 1 of additional music and I assign solo string to him, a cello solo will start to play. If he then walks into the section that is linked with layer 2 of additional music, this will turn into a solo viola plucking, or a descant violin solo in layer 3.

This is a marvellous way to play God and inject some creativity into a day that may not contain very much otherwise. It’s both soothing and pleasing! Great idea and excellent way of bringing the Hamburg Philharmonic into the 21st century.

I could actually play it all day.


3 thoughts on “Totally addictive idea from Hamburg Philharmonic

  1. Am pleased that Hamburg gets on the map. However… I understood the concept by seeing the title and the image… You connect the dots explanation was self evident… thus your writing talent remains intact. 😉


    1. Thank you for the compliment Robert. I wanted to ensure that ALL of our Big Ideas blog readers understood how it worked, not just the genius German ones.


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