New in ego marketing: Intel’s Museum of Me

I have finally got round to trying Intel’s Museum of Me, the latest idea in ego marketing, which uses one’s own social media world to create a bespoke ‘exhibition’ of that individual.

The camera begins by entering the building, an homage to the likes of Jorn Utzon or Frank Gehry, and the viewer sees their Facebook profile photo followed by the title of the exhibition; in my case, Jo Furnival (plus today’s date). This, in itself, is problematic if the subject of the ‘exhibition’ is one of those shy modest types who has a picture of their dog as their social media avatar, or a real funny man who uploads a picture of Borat in a mankini to represent himself to the internet world. Doesn’t quite have the same ‘this is a museum all about me’ effect.

The camera then makes its way into the next room where we see a line up of some Facebook friends. Luckily mine were, for the most part, real longterm friends, though I was quite surprised to see two people’s faces mounted on my museum wall who I’d only met twice and who I didn’t know at all prior to this year’s Royal wedding.

Following on from this is another room, filled with pictures that the subject has at some time uploaded to Facebook themselves. Great, but a shot of a valley taken with an old Nokia from the window of a moving car is not exactly the most amazing photographic composition, particularly when shrunk and randomly placed between a picture of my university flatmate inexplicably covered in loo roll emerging from a Newcastle subway and a miniscule snapshot of a snoozing kowala bear in a tree at Steve Irwin’s zoo.

Thereafter follows some clever animation featuring robots similar to the ones made famous by the Citroen Picasso adverts putting together a collage of the profile pictures of many of my Facebook ‘friends’, some of whom I genuinely don’t recognise (note to self, should probably do a Facebook friend cull).

Conclusion? Intel’s Museum of Me has not enough me for my liking. By contrast, Aviva’s Big Picture viral, which put my face on the side of a skyscraper, now that’s real ego marketing.


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