The Red Car and the Blue Car had a race

Having been a child of the 80’s, glued to the technicolor box watching Betamax cassettes, I was hit by a huge wave of nostalgia when Milky Way brought this iconic advert back to our screens. What a stroke of genius from their marketing department.

The big idea was to pluck on the emotive strings of childhood memory -connecting with anyone over the age of 25- to remind us of the yummy soft nougat and caramel centred, milk chocolate bar. This led me straight to the corner shop in search of the “sweet you can eat between meals”.

The product itself has not been tampered with or revamped -remember the Marathon bar or Opal Fruits? – since it’s launch in 1923, aside from the occasional packaging update. Just like Coca-Cola or Walkers Crisps, they’ve seemingly always been there.

Tighter UK advertising regulations have meant they’ve had to tweak the original animation slightly to realign with their new slogan of “Lighten up and Play”. A couple of story edits have also been made, the Red Car no longer eats the doughnut man on “Eat Me Do-nuts” sign or falls down the ravine to the iconic line of “ooh no the bridge has gone! Poor old red can’t carry on!”.

I hope this encourages other brands to follow suite and recycle their iconic ads. Not only does it add variety to commercial breaks, but it also takes us back to a time when adverts were inexplicably cool. Here’s hoping that Kia-Ora and Smash are taking note.

Good old blue.


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