Instagram: whats all the fuss?

Instagram is certainly the first of it’s kind. The social network, developed exclusively for the iphone, enables the user to snap a photo – or take an existing photo from the phones library – apply a selection of juicy, sensual filters and share with your friends and followers. If your photo grabs enough attention in the form of ‘likes’ or comments, your photo is published into the ‘popular’ category and out to the wider eschelon’s of the Instaworld, opening up your work to a far wider audience, which in turn expands your base of followers.

The concept was well worth the developers time, as it has fast become one of the nets top photo sharing service. The company recently passed the 2 million user mark, with over 130,000 registered users per week. 3.6 million new photos are added each week (6 photos per second). All being well, they should catch up with Facebook (600 million users) in 4,600 weeks. Or in 88 years.

Gathering social followers through the likes of Twitter and Facebook can be a serious time commitment, whereas Instagram does a lot of the leg work for you. The developers monitor much of the content, rewarding users by recommending them to others. Within the first few weeks of registering, I had gathered 80o followers to my online gallery.

After the initial social headrush however, the sad truth of the network transpires. Intagram’s USP is the ability to make terrible images look incredible. Try taking a photo of bogroll, apply a filter to it and some tilt shift and you’re left with something edgy, colourful, with intriguing perpective. For my taste, It’s simply too much style over content.


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