Hegarty on Advertising: the primacy of ideas

Hailed as “the book that no creative professional should be without”, it contains over four decades of wisdom and insight from the man who put Nick Kamen into a laundrette for Levi Strauss and gave Audi the immortal Vorsprung durch Technik: John Hegarty.

The book explores the primacy of ideas (over technology), which we here at All about the Idea HQ believe in most fervently. Further, an associate, having just visited the cave paintings in the Dordogne, confirms that from his point of view he needs no further persuading that, to use his words, it is indeed ‘all about the idea’ and not ‘all about the technology’.

AatI’s very own Derrick Tuke-Hastings, who worked with Hegarty a few moons ago, was asked to contribute his thoughts and comments on what has been described as “both an advertising credo and a brilliantly entertaining memoir”.

221 pages to go – we can’t find Derrick yet, but we will keep you posted.  The book is on sale now here for the bargain price of £11.87, so why don’t you grab yourself a copy now and if you find Derrick before we do we’ll send you a congratulatory AatI sticker!


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