Moon Advertising


Some of the greatest ideas are initially thought to be madness or foolishness.

When a colleague and I learned that it was reported in 2008 that Google were going beyond ‘blue sky’ thinking for the future of advertising and were looking out of this world instead, to a deal with Virgin Galactic to install a massive projection framework making possible advertising on the moon, we were enthralled. The idea was to consist of tethered satellite units with tiny compulsion systems to maintain position. “A banner, approximately the size of four football fields, stretched between the units made of polyhedron plasma foils would create a giant projection lens. Electronic frequencies sent to millions of cells will adjust color and opacity to create the equivalent of a slide show projection on the Moon’s surface.”

Of course, the report was an April Fool. But, why? This is the cherry on top of the cupcake of marketing. What is BIGGER in terms of visibility than the moon? (Obviously the sun would be a logistical nightmare and we all know what happened to Icarus….)

In fact, only a year later (though in July, not April), it was reported in the Daily Mail that moon advertising was going to be possible, using robot created cosmic ‘billboards’. Moon Publicity will also need to solve the tricky question of who actually owns the moon and legal experts say noone can claim the moon under the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which stops countries from claiming property in space. However, there may be a loop hole here that can be exploited by individuals.

Imagine. Your logo. Visible on the moon. Insert appropriate exclamation of excitement and wonderment here:
_________________________ !!


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