Invent with Nokia

With Apple and Google now at the forefront of mobile communications, Nokia have adopted some creative thinking to connect with their audience and ensure that their brand is once more the only one to consider.

Invent with Nokia is an initiative spearheaded by new boss, Stephen Elop, which opens up a forum for the submission of invention ideas to the general public, much like our own Idea Awards, except that with annual revenues of over €40bn, sales in more than 160 countries and resources like you wouldn’t believe, Nokia can make your design a reality.

How it works:
Register with Invent with Nokia, submit your invention online & agree not to disclose it to anyone else for 4 months, then wait to hear from Nokia as to whether or not they want to run with it!

Nokia’s famous strapline, Connecting People, is made real in this plan to reach out to creatives and designers – unprecedented collaboration producing innovative results to follow…


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